Addressing Lone Soldiers at Mt Herzel

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Of all of the jobs the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center does, one of our most important is telling current Lone Soldiers about the rights they have and our mission to help them make the most of their Tzahal Experience. Today, Jared and two of our volunteers met with new Chayelim Bodedim at Har Herzl where the soldiers were introduced to Michael Levin and our organization. Jared, a former Lone Soldier himself, is an expert on connecting with these brave men and the impact of his speech to them was heightened by the location of Michael Levin's grave. We hope to see these new servicemen in the future at one of our Shabbat dinners, in their apartments where we can help bring them furniture, or even volunteering with us to help other soldiers in the future. B'Hatzlacha!

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