Lone Soldier Story: Pepe from Mexico City

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PepeLone Soldier from Mexico City

Lone Soldier Story

Pepe is a 19 year-old immigrant to Israel from Mexico City.  He first came to the Lone Soldier Center this winter, needing to leave his apartment.  He had just arrived from Mexico City and was waiting for his draft papers into the IDF.  Pepe had a very poor living situation as his roommate was trying to take advantage of him because he was not born in Israel.

The Center's Tel Aviv branch volunteers were able to find him a place to stay for free and enrolled Pepe in the Center's "Tzevet Lochamim" program, preparing Pepe both mentally and physically for his upcoming tryouts for the most elite units in the IDF. Pepe also took advantage of the Center's free Hebrew language ulpan classes to improve his Hebrew. With the help and care of our advisors, Pepe now has a strong support system and is well equipped for his upcoming draft into the IDF.

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